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Senin, 15 Mei 2023

Hari Dalam Seminggu (Day in a Week)


 (Hari Dalam Seminggu)


Terdapat 7 hari dalam seminggu berikut uraiannya:

1.    Sunday     : Minggu

2.    Monday     : Senin

3.    Tuesday    : Selasa

4.    Wednesday: Rabu

5.    Thursday   : Kamis

6.    Friday        : Jum’at

7.    Saturday   : Sabtu

Contoh penggunaan:

What day is today? Harini hari apa?

Today is Friday. (Hari ini hari Jum’at)

Contoh Kalimat:

1.    We work every day except Sunday.

2.    Come for cocktail and buffet next Sunday.

3.    He was born on a Monday.

4.    I start my new job on Monday.

5.    We'll meet at eight on Tuesday.

6.    Can we meet on Tuesday?

7.    I spoke to her last Wednesday.

8.    Today is Tuesday, so tomorrow is Wednesday.

9.    I went to Edinburgh on Thursday.

10. The washing machine totally seized up on Thursday.

11. Our office is open from Monday to Friday inclusive.

12. We had a picnic last Friday.

13. We never work on Saturday mornings.

14. I hope to go shopping on Saturday next.




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