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Rabu, 23 Oktober 2019

Definisi Procedure Text (STEP-3)

Procedure text is a text that explains or helps us how to make or use something. Its social function is to describehow something is completely done through a sequence of series. Communicative purpose of this text is to describe how something is made through a sequence of actions or steps. There are three generic structures in procedure text. The first is goals or purposes. The second is materials or tools. The third and the last are steps or methods. To know the text that we read is procedure or not is so simple. You can read the title if the title is started with ‘how to make…’ or ‘how to use…’ it can be certainly that the text is procedure text.

Definition of Procedure Text
There are three definition about procedure text : (1)Texts that explain how something works or how to use instruction / operation manuals e.g. how to use the video, the computer, the tape recorder, the photocopier, the fax. (2) Texts that instruct how to do a particular activity e.g. recipes, rules for games, science experiments, road safety rules. (3) Texts that deal with human behavior, e.g how to live happily, how to succeed

Generic Structure of Procedure Text
# Goal : (e.g : How to make spaghetti)
# Material or Ingredient : (e.g : the material to cook omelette are egg, onion, vegetable oil, etc. )
# Step : (e.g : first, wash the tomatoes, onion, …., second cut the onions becomes slice. . . )

Purpose of Procedure Text
– To explain/tell (the reader) how to make/operate/do something through a sequence of actions or steps.
– To explain steps/instruction to make/operate/do something

Language Feature of Procedure Text:
– Use adverbial of sequence / Using temporal conjunction (e.g: first, second, third, the last)
– Use command / imperative sentence (e.g : put the noodles on the . . ., cut the onion. . ., wash the tomatoes. . . )
– Using adverbials (Adverbs) to express detail the time, place, manner accurate, for example, for five minutes, 2 hours, etc.
– Using action verbs, e.g : make, take, boil, cook
– Using Simple Present Tense


– 2
spoons of sugar
– one
spoon of coffee powder
– hot
– a cup
– a

1. Prepare two spoons of sugar, a cup, hot water, one spoon of coffee powder, a spoon.
2. Put one spoon of coffee powder into the cup.
3. Pour some hot water into the cup.
4. Add 2 spoons of sugar into a cup of coffee
5. Stir it well and the hot coffee is ready to drink


– 2 cups of rice
– 2 cups of coconut milk
– 1 tsp salt
– 1 pandan leaf
– 1 jeruk purut leaf
– 1 salam leaf
– 1 lemon grass

– pan
– big pot
– steamer
– rice paddle

1. Cook the coconut milk with all the other ingredients except
the rice.
2. Meanwhile, wash the rice
in another big pot.
3. When the coconut milk comes to a boil, pour it in the
pot filled with rice and stir frequently until all the liquid is absorbed.
4. Move the rice to a steamer until it is cooked.
5. Take out the leaves before serving.

1. Serve hot on a platter with shredded omelet and a mixture of
fried peanuts and fried onions.
2. Garnish the platter with sliced cucumber, tomato and green
leaves. This recipe makes 4 servings.

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