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Sabtu, 01 April 2023

At The Hotel Conversation

Here an example at the hotel conversation:

Mr. Rio        : Good Morning.

Hotel Staff   : Good Morning Sir. Are you enjoying your stay at our hotel?

Mr. Rio        : Yes I am. The staff is very polite and our room is lovely my wife and I are having a great time

Hotel Staff   :  I am happy to hear that can I help you with anything this morning?

Mr. Rio        : Yes you can. My wife and I want to go out for lunch today. Can you recommend a nice restaurant?

Hotel Staff   : Ofcourse what kind of food do you and your wife want to eat?

Mr. Rio        : My wife is a vegetarian, so we want to eat something with a lot of vegetables.

Hotel Staff   : Do you eat fish?

Mr. Rio        : Yes, we eat fish.

Hotel Staff   : Do you like spicy food?

 Mr. Rio         : My wife likes spicy food, but I do not.

Hotel Staff   : What about a Japanese restaurant? Their menu includes rice and fish.    They also have many vegetables dishes. There are some spicy dishes .

Mr. Rio        : That’s sound good.

Hotel Staff   : There's an excellent Japanese restaurant downtown. I can make a reservation for you now.

Mr. Rio        : Yes please. Can you also arrange for a taxi to take us there?

Hotel Staff   : Sure thing! I will arrange for a taxi to pick up you and your wife up at noon. Is that okay?

Mr. Rio        : That is perfect. Thank you.

Staf             : No Problem.





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