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Selasa, 13 Desember 2022

9 CARA MEMBERIKAN PUJIAN (Giving Compliment)



Giving compliment is an expression in English that is used to give compliments to other people about a certain thing. Such as, success, advantages in certain fields, intelligence, appearance, good nature, and so on.



1.          Thank you/Thanks! (Thank you!)

2.          I am glad you like with ...

3.          It is very kind of you to say that

4.          Thanks a lot for your appreciation. (Thank you very much for your appreciation)

5.          I am so grateful to you. (I'm so grateful to you)

6.          It's nice of you. (You are very nice )

7.          Really? Actually, I'm not really sure. (Really? Actually, I'm not really sure.)

8.          Do you really think so? (You really think so?

9.     You've made my day. (You brighten my day.)



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